"I aspire to design cars that are never meant to be just cars. I aspire to design lives." 


  The colorful scent of oil paint, the delightful sound of brush stokes...That is the kind of childhood I remember for as long as I can as the son of a painter, the early life that shaped me into the person I am now.

  As much as art occupies my vessel, cars drive my passion because a car is a form of art. It is a representation of the thoughts, emotion, and qualities of the creator, which then translates into the driver’s own identity. That is how my background in art allows me to take on novel perspectives on the aesthetics and meanings of car design. On the other hand, I am also fully charged with curiosity. Such inquisitiveness in diverse areas often leads the way to unexpected insights, insights that make design more functional and innovative.

  Combined with the learnings at Art Center, I have become a solid team player and problem solver with specific strength in time management. I am ready to be the engine of the next car design.